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August 18 2017

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August 17 2017

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report, Scotty
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I am American and I have never seen photos like this. I had no idea there are borders like this. Even though I LOVE the idea of open borders, I am staring at these pictures like “wait…people can just…walk across some stones or grass and BE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY??? and nobody stops them?? how does that WORK?!” So you can tell that my country’s propaganda has gotten to me by convincing me that this CAN’T work even though…it…obviously can.

These pics just seem unreal to me. I’ve been taught my whole life that this can’t exist. In 27 years no one has ever sat me down and gone, look, here’s how it is elsewhere. It isn’t impossible at all.

I want to add something, but I’d just be restating what they said. I.. didn’t know peace and kindness like this was possible.

August 16 2017

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August 13 2017

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Time is the substance from which I am made. 

Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
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What Happens When Zookeepers Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

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The tables have turned.

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For our dog’s 1st birthday, we took him to Dog Mountain where he paid homage to the Lord of the Dogs, at the peak of the mountain. It was a transforming moment for him, dressed in the proper vestments, he murmured dog prayers to the famed icon of dogdom, the palindromic Dog God.
Source: http://bit.ly/2vFJaxZ

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